Carbon 60 Olive Oil Reviews

Carbon 60 Olive Oil Reviews

Imagine someone announcing that there is a potential miracle drug, which has been shown to increase the lifespan of rats by up to ninety percent. Most people would likely agree with me if I said that this ‘miracle drug’ should be prepared for human trials.

Do you think that’s reasonable or assuming a bit too much? There happens to be the possibility of such a miracle treatment out there in the world right now. Early research on Carbon 60 (C60) Olive Oil has demonstrated magnificent and promising results.

In a study by Dr. Fathi Moussa, researchers gave rats carbon60 (also known as buckyballs) in a solution of olive oil which they injected into the rat’s stomachs. One group of rats received water as a placebo or control while the other got plain olive oil. 36 months later, the water treated rats were dead while 67% of the rats treated with oil were still living. The experiment concluded that the rats treated with c60 survived for an average of 42 months while the ones that received the water had a mean survival of 22 months.

C60 is considered a strong antioxidant, which is thought to have tremendous effects on unsaturated fats as well as being a longevity supplement. Researchers believe that the antioxidant works by removing superoxide. Superoxide is a harmful by-product of metabolism in cells. Additionally, Superoxide is known to cause tissue injuries in a variety of human diseases.

Top Carbon 60 Olive Oil Options Comparison Chart


Name Feature One Feature Two Editor’s Rating
Carbon60 PLUS Quality is research grade, ultra pure Produced for scientific research 4.5 out of 5.0Stars
C60 Fullerene Powder Solvent-free research grade, 99.5% ultra pure Quality controlled to ensure highest standards 5.0 out of 5.0Stars
C60 Olive Oil Research indicates that the product has anti-aging effects 99.5% pure, research grade substance 4.5 out of 5.0 Stars
C60 Oil Founder is a physician with over forty years experience in progressive medicine and treatment Product development begins with 99.99% pure, research grade C60 5.0 out of 5.0Stars


Table of Contents

1 – Introduction and Overview

2 – Carbon 60 Olive Oil Product Comparison Chart

3 – Carbon60 PLUS

4 – C60 Fullerene Powder

5 – C60 Olive Oil

6 – C60 Oil

8 – Review and Conclusion
Product Reviews

1 – Carbon60 PLUS


Carbon60 PLUS is a chemical-free, research quality production of Carbon 60. This mixture of olive oil is comprised of clean, cold-pressed olive oil. Furthermore, the solution is free of BPA and is packaged into an amber bottle, which is fully recyclable.


Editor’s Rating:

4.5 out of 5.0



1 – Research grade quality, ultra pure composition

2 – Produced for the purpose of scientific research


Carbon60’s mixture of chemical-free, pure virgin olive oil is significantly less expensive than competing brands. Customers have noted this concern on consumer review pages. The answer is that this product has been fully and comprehensively accredited by a third-party quality-assurance company.

Furthermore, an examination of customer reviews shows that consumers are highly satisfied with the Carbon60 product. Specifically, consumers are raving about the product’s affordable price and satisfactory effects of ingesting the solution.

Pros Cons
1 – Inexpensive, affordable price

2 – Customers are satisfied with results

3 – fully-guaranteed third-party assurance

1 – Low supply of the product, consumers report that it has occasionally taken weeks to receive their shipment

2 – C60 Fullerene Powder

The C60 Fullerene Powder mixture is chemical-free and guarantees same-day priority shipping. The product is 99.95% pure with research-grade, ultra-clean nitrogen. It contains extremely fine powder, which provides quicker and more effective dissolving of the substance. The product is shipped in a fully clean, translucent, glass bottle.

Editor’s Rating:

5.0 out of 5.0



1 – Produced specifically and exclusively for scientific research

2 – Produced in the United States, manufactured in Houston, Texas

3 – Numerous fail-safes in place to ensure that the product is top quality


This powder version of C60 is comprised of research-level, grade-1 grams of laboratory-pure Nitrogen. The product is made without common chemicals, which are often included in similar products.

This product is made in a laboratory with brand new, state-of-the-art lab equipment to ensure the cleanest possible environment. Additionally, the laboratory regularly brings in a third-party quality-assurance monitor to guarantee the high standard and quality of their product.

Furthermore, customer reviews demonstrate that people who have purchased this product are highly satisfied. Several customers stated that they were very pleased with the composition of the powder because it allowed for simple, fast mixing. Consumer reviews are overwhelmingly positive.

Pros Cons
1 – High cost guarantees a certain level of quality, consumers can feel confident in the high-quality product that they are purchasing

2 – Produced and manufactured in high tech laboratory environment

3 – Fine powder allows for easy mixing

1 – Expensive cost, significantly higher than the previously reviewed product.

3 – C60 Olive Oil

Buckylabs C60 Olive Oil is comprised of 99.95% Carbon 60 within a 120ml container. The liquid is Carbon 60 organic extra virgin olive oil. This product is associated with an experimental treatment, therefore conclusive results and effects of the substance cannot be discussed by the manufacturer. Customer reviews commonly state the product boosts energy and helps treat soreness.

For more information check out this super-informative video, which will further explain the C60 Olive Oil

Editor’s Rating:

4.5 out of 5.0



1 – Product contains potential health benefits, including anti-aging qualities

2 – Popular product, evidenced by the company being overwhelmed by product orders



Despite consumer reports of delayed shipments and the substance having a poor taste, customer reviews indicate that the majority of people who purchased this product are satisfied with their decision. Several past customers reported that the product arrived at exactly the quoted and the merchandise was in pristine condition.

Moreover, Buckylabs C60 olive oil comes at a reasonable price relative to similar products. It has a moderate price that shouldn’t be price-prohibitive for anyone. However, the product isn’t dirt-cheap or anything like that so customers should research the product before spending the money to purchase it.

Pros Cons
1 – Product reportedly has anti-aging qualities

2 – Other than the delayed shipments and poor taste, customers seem to be incredibly pleased with the product

1 – Manufacturer is having a difficult time handling the number of orders, shipments have been repeatedly delayed

2 – Consumer reports that the substance doesn’t taste good and can be difficult to finish a full dosage

4 – C60 Oil

Introducing C60 Oil from my body symphony, this product contains pure, vacuum-sealed, over-dried C60 oil packaged in laboratory-grade natural pumpkin seed solution.

My body symphony claims that their product is superior to its competitors due to a variety of factors. Some of the factors that are credited with assisting in the development of this superior product include:

  • Company’s founder is a physician with decades of experience
  • Small, health-focused company
  • All natural and organic production process
  • Superior oil that is more advanced than similar products
  • Fast and efficient shipping capability


Editor’s Rating:

5.0 out of 5.0



1 – Produced at a quality-focused health company

2 – Proven, efficient production method

3 – Guaranteed freshness of the product

4 – My body symphony takes pride in making their products available at a reasonable price


Dr. Max MacCloud is the founder of My Body Symphony and one of the leading proponents of Carbon 60 use and its health benefits. Dr. MacCloud states that C60 may be one of the most important discoveries in the history of human healthcare.

Production company is driven by a very specific set of goals, which are: assisting individuals in beating health challenges, achieving goals and performance related to health. The bottom line is that the company is quite clearly customer-focused.

Dr. MacCloud and his associates have created a time-proven, effective method of producing their unique C60 Oil. The process is complex, yet My Body Symphony and Dr. MacCloud are far and away the most transparent of any company producing this product or something similar.

Pros Cons
1 – Produced in the United States at a licensed facility

2 – Increased longevity of the oil compared to similar products

3 – Product is efffective at reducing swelling and inflammation

4 – Small production batches avoid the issues that commonly occur during mass production

1 – Classification of this product lies in a self-labeled “gray area”, in which it is neither a nutrient or a drug

2 – Description can be confusing for new customers


Final Verdict

Carbon 60 Oil and related products can be quite confusing and difficult to understand for a person learning about these things for the first time. However, once you’ve read a bit of material and watch one or two of the videos posted above, the concepts are quite simple.

C60 Oil and its relative products are being tested to unveil whether or not they truly possess health benefits and healing qualities. Through conducting research, it is apparent that there are thousands of people throughout the world who strongly believe in the power of Carbon 60 products.

As far as the specific Carbon 60 Olive Oil reviews go, we are going to recommend the C60 Oil made by My Body Symphony and Dr. Max MacCloud. Dr. MacCloud has been working in this sub-sector of healthcare for approximately forty years, so you would be hard-pressed to find a more informed and educated individual in regards to Carbon 60.

Furthermore, My Body Symphony provides informative, easily understood descriptions of their products, methods, and associated information, the same cannot be said about all of their competitors. Parts of this review were quite difficult to write because of how difficult it was to access certain pieces of information.

Therefore, if we are going to fully endorse My Body Symphony and their C60 Oil, we are going to recommend that consumers steer clear of the first product that we went over in this review for the time being. That product is the Carbon60 Plus, and it has nothing to do with the quality of the product or the integrity of the production company.

Customers want to be informed when they are shopping online. If I’m going to invest in a product, I want to know everything about what I’m buying, how it’s being shipped, where it’s coming from, and how it’s being made. I have little doubt that the producers of Carbon60 Plus have nothing but good intentions, However, they need to become more organized and focus on informing their potentially new customers who may not be familiar with the product that they are selling.

Here is one final informative video, featuring Dr. Max MacCloud further discussing ad explaining Carbon 60 and its potential implications on our health