CBD Sleep

Using CBD Oil To Reclaim Your Sleep

CBD Oil – To Reclaim Your Sleep

With insomnia and other sleep-related issues affecting so many people today (the US Institute of Health estimating up to about seventy million Americans, for example), prescription medication, home remedies, and other solutions for these disorders have become increasingly sought out.

One proposed such solution, Cannabidiol (commonly abbreviated to CBD), is a phytocannibinoid that has been linked to helping people suffering from anxiety, insomnia, pain problems, cognition, and movement disorders.

Naturally, the buzz behind CBD oil as a potential natural treatment for insomnia is massive. So let’s break down what backing there is to it, as well as some strong candidates for the spot of the best CBD oil on the market today.


CBD oil can be taken in a variety of ways, including through capsules, vapors, aerosol sprays, dried leaves, and through smoking cannabis. However, many people choose to take it in pure capsule or liquid solutions, as it eliminates the extra THC (tetrahydrocannabinol, the main psychotrophic element in the cannabis plant), thus choosing the mitigating effects of the CBD without the psychoactive effects associated with THC.

CBD Oil and Sleep

Generally, while comprehensive and conclusive research has not been completed to the satisfaction of the scientific community, early reports indicate a correlation between CBD oil and a decrease in insomnia. This is especially true for insomnia linked to anxiety, stress, or psychological or physiological pain.

Furthermore, it demonstrates a great feeling of relaxation, as while CBD is less likely to make someone feel drowsy than its THC cousin, it is also significantly more likely to influence the nerve reactors associated with stress.

Specifically regarding sleep, CBD has been found by the World Health Organization to be significantly less disruptive of REM sleep than THC.

This is important because while high amounts of REM sleep, characterized by its distinctive rapid eye movement and vivid dreaming, can be linked to higher sleep deprivation, a sharp reduction in REM sleep is often precarious as well when it comes to insomnia reduction.

Ironically enough, part of the reason that CBD has been linked to better sleep is due in no small part to its slight alerting effect on the person taking it. While this may seem paradoxical, it’s largely due to the way in which CBD, much like caffeine, alters the nervous system. While caffeine largely serves as a stimulant, perking up the subject, and THC introduces a psychotic element – the famous ‘high’ – that lands it alongside its whole cannabis family onto the FDA’s Schedule I classification, CBD is different.

By interacting with and supplementing naturally-occurring deficiencies in the body’s ECS, or endocannabinoid system, CBD oil tackles the root problems often associated with sleep problems, whether they be anxiety, stress, pain problems, etc.

In doing this, CBD oil modifies the way that the receptors of the central nervous system, including and especially in the ECS, respond to the problem. This is what leads to greater sleep patterns being reported with such frequency, and is why, despite a persistent inability in the scientific community to prove a definite link in humans between CBD oil and sleep, to so many people using this remedy to put their insomnia to bed.

Methods of Use

One important thing to remember when it comes to the CBD oil market is the various methods of use; after deciding on a manufacturer, the type of product will need to be selected.

Capsules are the basic, orally-ingested pill.

Tinctures, in which small drops are placed beneath the tongue and held for a few minutes, have generally stronger concentrations than many other forms, and are often used as food additives, to prevent the dose from being too strong for the consumer.

Vapor, which utilizes the same technology as e-cigarettes and vape pens, involves the heated vapor of the CBD oil being inhaled.

Oral sprays involve the CBD oil being sprayed into the mouth, while topicals are sold as a lotion-like cream that is applied directly onto the skin.


Depending on the needs and desires of each individual person, a different CBD oil supplier may be best.


Without a doubt, cbdMD can claim the best value when it comes to CBD suppliers. At a price-point that far beats its competitors, cbdMD is the best recommendation for people needing to fight their insomnia without breaking the bank. Their products come in a variety of forms, giving consumers the choice of intake, and cbdMD boasts being the go-to CBD source for a majority of nursing homes, medical practitioners, and nutritionists.

From topicals to gummies and everything between, check out cbdMD’s products on their website.


Meanwhile, the strongest CBD oil concentration can be found in CBDistillery, which sells their unflavored CBD oil exclusively at a much higher potency. CBDistillery is a strong US-based option for people needing the hardest dosage in order to combat their stress-related or anxiety-related insomnia, and is recommended as a next-level decision if other, lower-concentration CBD oils fail to fix sleep patterns.

All of CBDistillery’s great anxiety-tackling products can be found here.

PlusCBD Oil

PlusCBD Oil, on the other hand, is the most premium CBD oil currently on the market. Featuring the ‘vegan’s CBD,’ PlusCBD boasts a gluten-free, non-GMO, and vegetarian-friendly option, with the cleanest and most pristine oil. However, as to be expected, they are a bit pricier in comparison as well.

PlusCBD Oil, widely recommended as an entry-level CBD oil for people struggling to sleep, can be explored on their website.

NuLeaf Naturals

Industry heavyweight NuLeaf Naturals is also a strong, well-recommended choice for CBD oil supplier, as it demonstrates a wide selection of CBD oils for sleep at various concentrations. It’s on the pricier side as well, but also is the most trusted and most well-recognized supplier in the current, non-prescription market. Much like PlusCBD, NuLeaf Naturals is a good option for the synthetic-wary, as their farms are 100% natural and utilize zero insecticide, pesticide, or chemical fertilizers.

If you’re ready to start tackling your insomnia today, head on over to the professionals at NuLeaf Naturals.

Green Roads

Saving the most popular for last, we arrive to Green Roads, which offers without a doubt the best selection field. From capsules to edibles to topicals and everything in between, Green Roads is a pharmacy in of itself in its diversity of choices. It serves its massive selection to consumers in all fifty US states, and keeps free shipping on all orders with money-back guarantees.

As one of the default industry leaders, Green Roads is a wonderful way to test if CBD oil can treat your insomnia.

Closing Thoughts

If nothing else, we can claim the CBD oil market is thriving, especially for such a young industry. From established heavyweights like Green Roads and PureKana to newer, more organically-geared suppliers like PlusCBD Oil, it is clear that treating insomnia and sleep problems has never been easier than with the sphere of CBD oil.