Natural Ways to Get High

Natural Ways to Get High

I remember the first time I learned about natural ways to achieve a euphoric high. I was probably ten years old and had just picked up a copy of a book, the name of name of which is not worth mentioning here. The book included all kinds strange methods ranging from smoking dried banana peel to extracting the essence of nutmeg. Yes – apparently both of those can get you high, although my own personal results were pretty limited with these two methods. Since that time, I’ve grown up quite a bit, but my interest in mind-altering substances has only grown.

The problem with most ways to get high is that they are against the law. However, there are still a number of natural euphoriants that can alter your consciousness without putting you on the wrong side of the law. So, for the purpose of this article, we’ll be focusing on legal ways to get high or euphoric at home. Now that we’re talking about euphoria though, I should qualify this a bit as not all mind altering herbs or methods produce euphoria. While some are euphoric, others are more stimulating or dissociative.

Natural Euphoria

Most legal herbs that get you high tend to be euphoric. Euphoria is defined as a feeling of intense excitement or happiness. Euphoria is usually induced through brain chemistry. Any mind-altering drug, whether it be natural or not, creates a chemical reaction in your brain. This chemical reaction can create stimulation, depression, happiness, sadness and euphoria. This often happens through the release of dopamine or serotonin – although there are certainly other chemicals in your brain that can also elicit these kinds of responses.

Having experimented with many different legal substances, I’ve experienced a wide range of responses by my mind and body. Let’s take a look at a few common natural ways to get high and induce euphoria. While I can’t describe any of the methods below as inducing an intense feeling of happiness, most of the ones that I’ve tried due give a subtle sense of relaxation.



Sulbutiamine is a relative of vitamin b1, also known as thiamine. Reports have varied on the efficacy of this nootropic, but some users have described an increase in happiness and motivation after prolonged periods of use.

Phenethylmine (PEA)

This nootropic has often been used by weightlifters to increase their results from exercise and give an energy boost during the workout. Some users have reported intense euphoria and increased focus through the use of PEA, but the results are short-lived and PEA is a quick acting nootropic.


Kava Kava is the of the most widely known natural herbs for euphoria. Kava comes from the root of a plant and originates from the south pacific. Kava has been used by native populations in Fiji for centuries. While some people use Kava for fun or to induce an intense euphoria as well as a sense of calm and relactation others have found that kava is helpful for everything from sleep to pain relief.

natural stimulants and over the counter alternatives to Adderall

Adderall is one the most well-known stimulant pharmaceuticals and widely talked about stimulant medications. Primarily prescribed for ADD, Adderall is a prescription version of amphetamine that is heavily regulated due to its potential for abuse and strong side effects. Despite, the strict laws surrounding adderall and amphetamines, it remains a very popular drugs in both academic and professional environments.

B vitamins

We have all heard of vitamin B. Most fruits and vegetables contain at least one variation of this essential vitamin. Vitamin B is also ubiquitous in most multivitamins supplement pills. It’s common knowledge that vitamin B is important for good health, however most people don’t know that Being deficient in b vitamins can have catastrophic results like confusion, lack of energy of even anemia. If you already consume a lot of b vitamins, and are not deficient in any of its variations (like vitamin b-12), it’s unlikely that consuming vitamin b will have a stimulating effect. However, many people are deficient in b vitamins and don’t even know it. For this individuals vitamin b can increase focus, clarity, and every.


Caffeine is probably the most well known stimulant of all time. Caffeine is naturally occurring in coffee and tea and is added to many drinks and foods. While it’s not nearly as strong as adderall (nor does it have as many side effects), caffeine is a very commonly used stimulant and wakefulness agent. Similar to adderall, caffeine is often used to pull all-nighters and finish deadlines for school or work.


Yerba Mate has drastically increased in popularity over the past couple of decades. Once largely considered a regional specialty in parts of south of america, Yerba Mate has caught on as a popular beverage with global appeal. Not only does yerba mate contain caffeine, but it also has its own unique stimulating chemical called mateine that makes it a great addition to caffeine by itself.

Beet Juice powder

If you haven’t already been shocked by previous examples being compared to adderall – this next one will surely throw you for a loop. Beet juice powder. Yes, we are referring to that same purple root vegetable that so many of us love to hate. However, beets are good for more than just salad or as a potent addition to juice cocktails. Beet juice and its powder extract is a great source of nitrates that that improve circulation and blood flow to the brain.

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